A while back, to be exact about 2 months ago we went to Iceland. There were many jaw dropping moments throughout the 3 days we were there. Be it the breath taking scenery or the living expenses. Iceland is such an intriguing island that definitely has a spot in my top countries that I have visited.

As mentioned before that everything is really expensive, we did many research and read many reviews, being the foodies that we are, there is no way we are going to make any compromises to eating! So here we complied the top 5 really affordable yet super tasty meals that we had. There are definitely some surprises ahead ;) IMG_7012

1. Our first morning there we went to Grái kötturinn (Hverfisgata 16A, Reykjavík). We had breakfast that could well be brunch in the end because of the HUGE portion. Okay this may not be the cheapest breakfast around but it is so filling that you could consider having 2 meals for the price of one! Breakfast brunch IcelandThe Husbands sumptuous meal came with 2 sunny side eggs, 3 mini pancakes, a toast with awesome cube of butter, a handful of fried potatoes, some tomato paste and below the toast is a bunch of glorious bacon!!
Breakfast brunch in IcelandMine was a really simple cuban sandwich. My first and if cuban sandwich could taste any better. I will be speechless. The cheese..oohhh…man I wish I could have one now!

2. The next place we would highly recommend is Babalu cafe (Skolavoroustigur 22a, 101 Reykjavik). To be honest we went there because the Husband was attracted to the colourful exterior. So I did not have much expectation then. IMG_6864The cafe is on the second level. The interior is like stepping into some granny’s house with the vintage decor and  chaotic mix mash of furnitures.

Babablu Cafe IcelandWe only ordered coffee and tea actually. You get a wide selection of tea and if I am not wrong coffee is free flow. Oh yes and free wifi is definitely a plus. Would have loved to try those giant cookies!

Tea selection

Babablu Cafe We were lucky to have good weather because the balcony is just gorgeous. Soak up the sun and have a birds eye view of Reykjavik. View of Reykjavik city

3. Dinner at fish in Bankastraeti (a side-street of Laugavegur). Totally empty when we went in, but as soon as we start eating people were just streaming in.

FishFor just 10€ you get the plate below. We ordered the catch of the day, which was Cod fish with an assortment of vegetables. The vibrant sides on the plate is just a visual fest and the cod, seasoned with pepper, is sooo fresh and soft.


4. Alright the next place is a surprise because who would have thought you could find such awesome Asian noodle soup in Iceland! Noodle Station (Skolavordustigur 21a, Reykjavik) is hands down the BEST asian noodle soup I had in Europe. It is a small imbiss, that sells three different soup base; vegetables, chicken and beef ( we ordered the beef soup with extra beef). We cannot pin point what type of cuisine this is. It is like a hybrid of Chinese and Vietnamese beef noodle soup. But honestly who cares about categorising what type of dish this is when it taste beyond any descriptive words! Just LOOK at it! You could smell the soup base from miles aways and omg the meat just falls apart when the gently poke it. Highly Recommend!! Noodle station Iceland

5. The Sea Baron (Geirsgata 8, 101, Reykjavik). Had a craving for lobster soup and this is what came up when doing some research. Located in the old harbour, this is a small and imbiss that serves one of the best lobster soup I have had, and I try not to exaggerate. It certainly may not be your dish if you are not a big fan of seafood ( I know how can this be possible?! but the Husband definitely did not enjoy this dish as much as I did because he is not a big fan of lobster).

Best Lobster Soup Free flow of bread and icelandic butter. Not that I am able a butter expert but the combination of the butter and baguette, well let just say I could survive on just this combination.  Bread This restaurant/ imbiss is very straight forward. Order whatever kebab you would like at the casher, get a number and the dish will be severed to you. They have cod, salmon, shrimps, scallop, whale..etc. Curious me had to try whale meat. I know it is very cruel and we should not support the demand of it but I just had to try it. Well let just say that I will not order it again. Imagine fish beef. 

Meat Grill This shrimp on the other hand was fantastic! Perfectly cooked shrimp. I don’t know how to describe perfectly grilled shrimp! Crisp and succulent? In singlish I would say it is QQ. 
Grilled Shrimps Iceland

This is our food edition of Iceland.

If you wanna know what we did in Iceland for 3days drop by here.


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