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Another restaurant post because we were in Hamburg over the weekend. I checked out trip advisor because it sure is difficult to find a forum/website for asian food in Hamburg/ Germany! Trip advisor recommended Bok Restaurant for cheap and good asian food. With a rating of 4/5 from 63 reviews. I decided that we should try something new in Hamburg this time because we always go to the same asian restaurant.

IMG_5412This restaurant is like NOI in Wuppertal. They have Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese food and dim sum too. There was so much going on in the menu that it really took me forever to decide on something. I knew tom yum soup was one of them because it was freezing!

IMG_5416I ordered tom yum chicken soup to share. Taking the risk that the Husband may not like it because he is ultra fickle about his relationship with tom yum. It turned out that he did not like it because it was too sour and I have to agree with him. The tom yum soup has a ted too much tomato in it making it taste more like sour soup rather than spicy sour soup.

The rice came about 10 minutes before our main course but they were nice enough to change our rice when our main course arrived. It came in a cute pot though.
IMG_5420I ordered Green thai curry and the Husband ordered Red thai curry. 
IMG_5421The curry was average. Quoting the Husband ” I think we can make this curry at home ourselves.”

It was a little disappointing because I kinda expected a lot more after the great review. I am not too sure if it is the food we ordered that was not their signature dish or because we have different expectations from Asian food since we also noticed that most people there order sushi and some noodle dish. They have two branches in Hamburg itself which could be an indicator that it is really suited to the local taste buds.

bok Restaurant

Schulterblatt 3

20357 Hamburg

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