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Chorizo time! We recently discovered soft chorizo in our local super market and got pretty excited. It is like discovering a new ice cream flavour for us. This is slightly inspired by a breakfast chorizo taco dish we had in the USA.  We actually had them for dinner so I guess you can have them for breakfast or dinner.

Chorizo Egg Taco

It is really easy to put this dish together. You’ll need some vegetables, eggs and last but not least chorizos! If there are no chorizo readily available, I suppose you could have Breakfast Italian Sausage taco instead? I kinda miss spicy italian sausage! They could be a good substitute for this. Well I think if you don’t have any tacos, you could even turn them into Breakfast chorizo/ italian sausage sandwich! Yup have them as a sandwich. Why not? Be a rebel. Alright I can go on and on with the different variations possible.

In any case it is really simple to make and you get a good balance of smoky spicy sausage and crunchy refreshing vegetables. Who can forget the soft scramble eggs on top too. Easy tasty and great on a weeknight!

Chorizo Egg Taco

Serves 2-3 people

350g Chorizo

Oil (For eggs)

3 eggs

1/2 cucumber medium chopped

1 tomato

Sriracha (optional)



4 soft tortilla

Halve the chorizo, but not cut through.

On a heated grill or skillet (over medium high heat) place the halved chorizo and grill till brown and the fat is rendered. (Both sides of course) Flip every 2-3mins till done. Then remove and set a side.

In another pan on medium heat, add some oil and scramble the 3 eggs.

Heat tortilla in the microwave for 1min.

Dice tomatoes and cucumber and place the chopped vegetables in bowl. Mix well.

To assemble:  Place a taco on a plate then add grilled chorizo, followed by the vegetables and top off with the scramble eggs. You could also add some sriracha over the eggs.


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