Last weekend we had our first organic burger in Germany from a FOOD TRUCK! Yea! Food truck in DE. The food truck is called Burgergrün. Everything the food truck sells is organic and we’ve got to say that its one of the best burgers we’ve had in Germany. I kid you not.
German Food Truck We will go on about how good the burger is later on. How did we find this burger truck? The perks of having a Husband who is currently working on some software project (geek language stuff) with an organic company called Davert. You could check out their Facebook Page as well.  Everything is written in German though, but maybe you have seen their product somewhere around. We were invited to one of their company event and this food truck was there.

From what we know about the food truck. They do not have an official website. They do however have a Facebook page. The truck travels around Münster. So you should be able to find where they are heading to from their FB page.

German Food Truck If I am not wrong, Burgergrün started early this year, January 2014. The ingredients they use are not only organic but also come from the region. There are 6 different burgers to choose from and I think its a good selection that should cater to everyone’s taste buds. Of course there are Pommes (fries) as a side. I was kinda hoping they would have sweet potato fries ;) You can also choose to either have normal burger buns or whole grain burger buns.

In terms of price point, I feel that it is a little pricy but the quality of the meat is really good for what you are paying for.

German Food Truck

The Husband and I are not exactly heath nuts, and to be honest were a little uncertain what to expect from organic burgers. Will it taste just as good? We had the Käseburger ( Cheeseburger) and the Quinoa burger. I have to say we were pretty blown away by the taste of the burgers!

German Food Truck  Burger( I am really sorry that the burger picture is so blur!)

The meat is juicy and all the condiments and vegetables that went into the burger created a very well balanced taste. There was something sweet, something salty and something sour. The patties are relatively small at 100g for the normal sized burger. But all the ingredients come together seamlessly creating a very magical experience in your mouth.
German Food Truck - vegetarian burger

We also had Quinoa burger. They sure taste like nothing we’ve ever had. In a good way! It may be vegetarian but I am sure all you meat lovers out there will love this too. The Husband could have had two of these. Thats how good it tastes. I can’t really describe how good this burger is because there is no comparison to anything. Its crispy but chewy at the same time. I sure would like to know what went in the quinoa burger!


Last of all. The event we were invited to was a company soccer match and I find the names of the Jersay simply adorable. Pumpernickel, Soya beans, hazelnut, chia….all the products that the company sells. In  case you are wondering: we are not sponsored to write this [of course we don’t mind having another free burger some day ;)]! We simply love their burgers and if you happen to find where they are heading to and happen to be there. You should definitely try them out!

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