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This is why I think brunch is overrated. Guacamole with chorizo and soft fluffy scrambled eggs on fresh sourdough bread topped with sriracha for that kick. All homemade! Okay I lied chorizo and bread are store bought but still who need to go out and pay overpriced brunches if you can make assemble this at home.

Scrambled eggs with guacamole chorizo toast

Our Sunday morning routine usually involves the Husband heading out to get us some fresh bread. I do appreciate German sourdough bread more over time and even crave for them some time. While the Husband is out I will start preparing whatever I can. In this case I made the guacamole. Usually the basic three ingredients you need in guacamole are avocado, lemon/lime and coriander. I did not have the last ingredient but made it my own version with tomatoes instead.

The chorizo was flown in from Spain. Literally. We were in Madrid during the easter holiday and got ourselves some chorizo. Those thingy sliced, fatty and slightly spicy chorizo topped with fluffy scrambled eggs on a bed of guacamole is just comfort in the morning. Not forgetting that sriracha on top. Amazing.

Scrambled eggs with guacamole chorizo toast

This is what comfort in the morning looks like with a hot cup of coffee.

Scrambled eggs with guacamole chorizo toast

5 toasts

5 slices of sourdough bread

1 clove of garlic, finely minced
2 Tomatoes, chopped, juicy part removed
2 avocados, chopped
squeeze of lemon juice

10 slices of chorizo

scrambled egg


4 eggs

dash of milk




Chop and place everything in a medium bowl. Use a fork and slightly mash and mix the ingredients. I like to have chunks of avocado so the degree of “mushiness” depends on your preference.

Scrambled Eggs

To a frying pan add a knob of butter on medium heat.

In a bowl beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Pour the egg batter into the pan. Let it sit for 20sec without stirring then gently stir the mixture in a zigzag manner. Let it sit for another 20 secs followed by zigzag stir. Repeat until eggs are softly set slightly running in certain places. Remove from heat and let the eggs cook on its own.


1. Sourdough bread

2. Guacamole

3. Chorizo

4. Scrambled eggs

5. Sriracha (optional)


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