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Couscous is one of the fastest dish to make for a quick weeknight meal. Apart from the standard vegetable salad, why not try adding dried fruits and nuts to the salad. In this recipe, I used dried apricots and walnut because I wanted to be a bit more experimental with the ingredients.

Walnut and apricot couscous

What I like about using dried fruits is how they add sweetness to a salad but also sometimes, depending on the type of fruit, tartness. The dried apricot will absorb the dressing of the salad and plump up, rehydrate. Making it even more flavourful. Besides using dried fruits you could also use fresh fruits like apples.

I feel that they taste best the day after, I made a big batch, portioned, kept them in the fridge and had them for lunch at work. This is also a pretty healthy salad dish for any time of the day. Walnuts are high in omega 3 and apricot is high in fiber and rich in antioxidant. AND its tasty too.

Couscous with walnut and dried apricot

Serves 2 (as main dish)

1cup couscous

1 cup vegetable stock (boiling hot)

1/2 medium sized cucumber, diced

1 spring (green) onion, chopped

6-8 of dried apricot, diced

1/2 cup walnut, roughly chopped

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar



Place couscous in a medium sized bowl then add the boiling hot vegetable stock. Cover bowl and set aside for about 5mins till water has been absorbed.

In the mean time prepare start chopping up the salad. To a large bowl, add chopped cucumber, green onion, chopped apricot, chopped walnut.

By now the couscous should be done. Lightly fluff the couscous with a fork then add the couscous to the prepared salad bowl. Then add about 2 tbs of olive oil, about 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to the salad. Mix salad and couscous throughly

Taste and see if the couscous is well seasoned. You could add a bit more oil if it is still dry and/or balsamic vinegar.

*Taste best after you let it sit for about 20mins.

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