Dim sum in Hamburg.

Its really difficult to find nice chinese food or rather cantonese food in Germany much less dim sum, which is like Tapas. And no eating noodle out of a box does not mean you are eating chinese food! The Husband saw Dim Sum Haus near the main train station when he first arrive in Hamburg and suggested we check it out. Well honestly I was a little skeptical about it but he manage to convince me because Jacky Chan and Yao Ming have been there before.

It is the 3rd time we have been there now. Every time we are in Hamburg we go there and order more or less dim sum even for dinner. People usually have dim sum for brunch. We start off with wanton soup. One of the best I have had in Germany. okay okay..this is my first wanton soup in Germany but it is almost as good as what we have in Singapore.

IMG_5386Followed by an assortment of dim sum. We found out that the chinese menu has more dim sum variety compared to the english and german menu. Really glad that my elementary mandarin came in handy. So here are some of the stuff we order every time.

IMG_5387 Char siew pau. Steamed rice bun filled with sweet pork ( I just found out that this is handmade!)
IMG_5390 Har Gau. Shrimp Dumpling
IMG_5391Chive dumpling.

We ordered carrot cake, Xiao long Bao (pork soup dumpling) and tea as well but it kinda disappeared before I could take pictures. The bill came up to 33€ for two person. It is pretty reasonable because of the amount and quality of the food. They do serve more dishes other than dim sum too and we tried their beef stir fry the last time, which was also very tender and tasty.

If you are craving for cantonese food or good chinese food. Check it out if or when you are in Hamburg.

Dim Sum Haus Restaurant China

Original Kantonesische Spezialitäten
Kirchenallee 37
20099 Hamburg
Tel. : +49 (0)40 280 23 12

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