We were in Hamburg recently because my sister Tan came to visit. I have been there about 4 times and still loving the city. There is always something new to discover. This time we went to Kaffee Kontor I’m Schanzenvertiel.┬áKaffeekontor im SchenzenviertalUpon stepping into the cafe the first thing that hits you is the aromatic coffee. The smell of coffee alone can is heavenly. They sell a wide variety of coffee beans. The whole cafe looks old school and cosy. We ordered cafe Lungo and sister Tan order Rooibos. Was good! I have to admit, though I really love coffee and am able to tell what coffee I like and what not, anything in between makes me happy.
Red velvet Cupcakes But the main reason we were there was to try to dessert! It was difficult to decide what to order because everything was displayed so nicely. We ended up with Red velvet cupcake, chocolate cupcake, German cheesecake and peanut butter chocolate cake. We were 3 and the Husband has not had his lunch yet. So it was legit to order so much.

peanut butter cakeEverything was really good except for the cupcakes. They were a little too dry. I have come to the conclusion that good cupcakes are almost non existent in Germany and I hope to take this statement back. The Peanut butter cake was definitely the best out of the four.

Apart from the food and coffee, Kaffee Kontor offer a nice environment people watch, catch up with friends, read a book alone or simply to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Oh and I just found out they offer free Wlan. Something especially foreigners will appreciate.


KaffeeKontor im Schanzenviertal Hamburg

Schanzenstra├če 14

20357 Hamburg

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