If you have not tried it then you have got to give this a go. This kimchi grilled cheese is a life changer. Yup you read right. Kimchi, the korean fermented spicy and sour vegetable, together with salty chewy cheddar cheese. It is super easy to make and really the perfect late night comfort food.

Kimchi grilled cheese

This was inspired by an acquaintance who posted a picture of kimchi grilled cheese on instagram. The moment I saw it. I knew I had to make them and thank goodness for the 3.5kg of kimchi we had in stock. Without that implies buy this life changing experience would not have been possible. All you need is kimchi, cheese ( we used cheddar that is stronger in taste), bread and of course butter! Thats it! With these simple ingredients you can produce this.

How does it taste like? The first thing that hits you is the crispy buttery white bread followed by the saltiness of the cheese then comes the most exciting part. The warm and crunchy kimchi with a bit of spiciness from the red pepper marinate. The buttery, savoury, spicy, crunchy goodness will make you forget about not being able to fit into your dress. All your unhappiness will simply melt away. Yes. This grilled cheese is able to create so much happiness. Life changing. The Husband and I were literally eating from the pan.

Best Kimchi grilled cheese recipe

There isn’t exact measurements for this recipe. It is mostly estimation so you could add more of less of the ingredients.

White bread, thick slice


Kimchi ( about 1- 1 1/2 cup) chopped

chedder, grated

Butter bread on one side.

Heat pan to medium low heat, place buttered side of the bread onto pan. Layer thin layer of grated cheese follow by layer of kimchi, followed by another layer of grated cheese. Top it with another butter bread, with the buttered side facing upwards.

Grill for 2 mins on low to medium. Flip sandwich over and lightly press the sandwich with a spatua so that the melted cheese adhere to the sandwich. Grill for another 2 mins.

EAT while hot and crispy on the outside.

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