About a month back we went to London as a getaway for our wedding anniversary. After researching for nice restaurants with affordable price, which is not easy to find in London. I finally found Upstairs at Ten Bells.

Upstairs at Ten Bells

The funny thing was before dinner we took the Alternative tour which took us around the East end of London and one of the places we stopped at was where the first victim of Jack the ripper had “business transactions”. Of course when the tour ended and we were looking for this restaurant, the map brought us to exactly where we stood an hour ago during the tour.

Buttermilk Chicken & Pine Salt

We order two snacks. Buttermilk chicken and Pine salt (above) and Black Pepper Cracker, Fennel Chutney & Mint (below). The buttermilk chicken and Pine is one of their signature dish and I have never tastes anything like that before. Its like walking in the pine forest and eating buttermilk chicken.

Black Pepper Cracker, Fennel Chutney & Mint

The black pepper cracker, fennel chutney & mint felt like some sort of experiment. Looked funky and the most amazing thing is we were able to taste every single ingredient that was mentioned. To be honest my taste bud is not extremely sensitive to the point where I can say “oh I can taste this in this dish” but for this I was able to taste these ingredients. While every ingredient stood out the blend together harmoniously. If that make any sense.

Upstairs at Ten Bell

The Husband ordered Venison which tasted alright.
Cornish Cod, Samphire, Fennel & Grapefruit Sauce Vierge

I had cod. It was good when I had a bit of every thing in a bite. The green vegetable is actually pine and it may just be one of my new favourite greens.

I am not able to remember exactly how much we spent but it was reasonable for the quality. Would we go there again? Maybe during lunch for the unique snacks and appetisers. The restaurant is a really cosy and quirky setting. Very small so be sure to make a reservation before going.

Upstairs at Ten Bells

84 Commercial Street, London E1 6LY


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