The day we discovered Sternschanze in Hamburg.

IMG_5438We were searching for a some where to have lunch in the Sternschanze area. Initially we wanted to go to a cafe but that cafe was so full that we decided to move on. While wondering around we saw Omas Apotheke. For some reason Hamburg is always cold and I was craving for something hearty. This place sounds like it sells food that satisfies my craving and I vaguely remember seeing this restaurant before online while searching for places to eat in Hamburg. Yes I put in a lot of effort to search for nice places to eat and that will not blow a hole in your wallet. IMG_5440 The restaurant was packed and I saw many people ordering their breakfast set. Their menu was bilingual which is something I really appreciate about Hamburg. Back to what they have. I think their signature dish is their hearty breakfast with everything imaginable for breakfast at a very reasonable price. They also have Burger, pasta, pizza, potato dishes, cabbage dishes and Fajitas. That was what we ordered

I had the chicken and the Husband had the beef. The picture is not blur its actually the steam from the food. This huge portion came with a wrap, nachos, sour cream and salsa. Enough to feed two might I say. My chicken was marinated chicken. I have no idea with what but the chicken was sooooo gut!

The price was also reasonable considering we were totally going to explode when we left. I mean the Husband did not even finish his food. That is how big the portion was for this Fajita.

If we return to Hamburg again I think the breakfast is definitely worth a try. They are open from 9am and is located near the S Bahn Sternschanze.

Omas Apotheke

Schanzenstraße 87

20357 Hamburg

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