What sides to have for grill this summer? What type of finger food to make for a party? What is super quick and easy to make? Bruschetta is your answer! Its not our first bruschetta recipe but it sure is our top dish to have this summer. 
Easy Bruschetta Recipe As we start whipping out our sunblock, picnic mats and heating our grills. This is the best dish to have as a side. Its quick, easy to prepare, affordable and healthy. We simply can’t get enough of this. We have this for dinner on weeknights when we are crawling home after work. Paired with a glass of cold wine. Its the best way to unwind.

This ain’t the traditional brushetta recipe. Its the Husband’s creation. But taste just as good. If we have this for dinner, we usually have it with some rockets (arugula) tossed with olive oil, balsamic, mozzarella and parmesan salad. Easy Bruschetta Recipe

Serves 2 with bread

3 Tomatoes, juicy bits removed and chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely minced

Handful of basil, roughly chopped



Glug Olive oil

Dash Balsamic vinegar

Mix everything in a bowl. Done! :D

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