Yes we are obsessed with searching for Asian food.IMG_5456

Today we present to you another of our awesome Asian food finds in Hamburg. This is one of the reason we love Hamburg so much. There are so many nice and affordable asian restaurants everywhere. Quan Do is also one of our old stumble upon finds in Hamburg. I think we discovered this place after our Vietnam trip about a year ago, when the Husband finally begin to appreciate soup. The Husband use to say that soup is like salt and water but in recent years he has began to appreciate soup and it has opened the door to the world of soup.

We always order the same stuff at Quan Do. Pho Bo. That is rice noodle soup with thin beef slices but for review reasons we order rice paper roll to try this time too. It was nice that they made it bite size so that I can eat it in a more glamorous manner instead of having to stuff the whole thing in my mouth while the filling fall out from the other side. I like this rice roll very much except for the pineapple inside, which made it a ted too sour for my taste but the Husband enjoyed it very much.

IMG_5457The main course was just awesome. All the way in Germany to have this on a cold winters night is maximum satisfaction and it comes with you tiao, deep fried dough. What more can you ask for?! The beef is perfectly thin and all that green just balances the dish. It is so good I can eat it everyday.
IMG_5458There is no proper rating for this place any where but it is always crowed, partially because the place is small and also because the service is a little slow. Go there early if you want to get a seat!

quan do

Georgsplatz 16 ( Ecke Rosenstr. 3 )
20099 Hamburg

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