As the recipe says it is the BEST grilled cheese sandwich we have ever made. It is our grilled cheese sandwich experiment journal. I never thought much about this unassuming sandwich until I had a taste of the buttery cheesy goodness of the sandwich.
Grilled Cheese sandwich

This is our take on the sandwich. There are a billion ways to make this. YES it is hard to believe but everyone has their own best grilled cheese sandwich and how to make it. Just search for it yourself and see! BUT before you do that. Stay here a little longer and enjoy our beautiful grilled cheese sandwich. I will cut to the chase and say what are the ingredients…Butter (at least 1 table spoon for EACH SIDE of the toast), Toast  (we used Brioche) and of course CHEESE ( we used Gouda)

1) Add a table spoon of butter to preheated pan/ grill pan/ skillet on medium heat. Place bread on the pan and add 1 slice of cheese.

2) Butter a second slice of bread on one side and place butter-side-up on top of sandwich. Grill until lightly browned and flip over; continue grilling until cheese is melted.

Thats it! So simple but we’ve got some tips here for you!

Tip 1: It is very important to not turn it on high or it may burn. Refer to exhibit below. Our first grill cheese sandwich was totally burnt because the temperature was way too high. This requires patients ja?

Grilled Cheese sandwich recipe

Tip 2: The thickness of the toast affects the whole cooking process. Refer to exhibit below. We experimented with thinner slices of bread. It was done much faster and the cheese melted much faster.

Grilled Cheese sandwich recipeI thought it was acceptable until the Husband made the last change. Looking back, the thinner slice was not as nice because the proportion of bread to cheese is too little. There is a lack of satisfaction after eating. Not enough bread to that amount of cheese! 
Best grilled cheese sandwich Tip 3: Use sweet bread. I know it sounds bit odd but the sweet and buttery brioche together with the savoury cheese is a PERFECT complement. 
Grilled Cheese sandwich recipeThe Brioche is also a really soft bread. So when grilled halve of the toast is crispy and the other halve remains kinda soft still.  Grilled Cheese sandwich Tip 4: For the more daring. Have it with sriracha and a sprinkle of thyme and pepper. All these flavours simply complement each other! Grilled Cheese sandwich Grilled Cheese sandwich

Enjoy :D

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