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Since we live in the land of sausages aka Germany we wanted to introduce you to a sandwich that probably no one in Germany really knows and that is our own creation.

Quick and easy bratwurst sandwich with vinegar based coleslaw

Ok I am sure by now you are wondering what exactly are you looking at on the picture above? I think what describes it at best is the title we picked for this blog entry: Bratwurst Coleslaw Sandwich. So I assume you all want to know what is needed to make one of these?

Nordhessische Bratwurst (coarsely ground pork sausage)
Corn buns
Coleslaw (greek style Coleslaw)*

*Greek coleslaw is vinegar-based coleslaw. We kinda cheated and got the store bought ones! Its called Krautsalat here.


In the picture above you can see one of those wonderful corn buns. They are light and very tasty. They have a sweet taste to it and just work great with meat and the spiciness of the mustard.

Ok so what are the steps that are necessary?

1) Grill the Sausage on a pan or grill. We use our Panini Grill to do that and grill the sausage from two sides. It will take about 8-10 minutes until the sausages are done.

2) In the meantime you can prepare the sauce. Just mix ketchup and mustard in a relation of 1:1 in a bowl and you are done.

3) Add some pepper and cumin to your liking to the greek coleslaw. This will work really great with all the other ingredients.

4) Before the sausages are done grill the buns as well so that the inside of each bun becomes slightly crispy.

5) Assemble your sandwich. I would start with placing the sauce on the bottom. Add some sliced sausages on top (Slicing the sausage will allow to evenly distribute the flavor of sausage on your bun). Add some of the Coleslaw on top and you are done!


And there you go. Hope you enjoy this “twist” on german sausages and will try it out yourself. I hope this recipe inspires you to be more creative! Change the sausage to your liking, substitute the bun, leave out the cumin  but add something else.

Whatever it will be let us know in our comments!

Quick and easy bratwurst sandwich with vinegar base coleslaw




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