Yes you read right. Soup in 15mins! Really affordable and quick soup for a weeknight. If you have some day old bread and bacon at home, THIS is the soup recipe for you!

Bread Soup in 10 mins! Not too long ago we received Dürer’s Littler Cookbook compiled by Petra Teet after entering the International recipe contest organised by Wanderlust Marriage and our Moroccan Spiced chicken came in second!

This recipe is so simple and I am sure most of you have these ingredients sitting around. Its perfect if you have stale bread! Why waste it when you can make this warming bread soup?

Bread Soup in 10 mins! According to the recipe this quantity is suppose to serve 4 but since we had this for dinner, I would say it serves only 2 people if you are just having the soup.

1 onion, chopped

1 medium carrot, chopped

250g stale bread ( I used about 6 bread roll), chopped into chunks

1 tbsp butter

70g diced bacon (bacon cubes)

2 cups beef stock

Dash of parsley for garnish and added flavour

Heat butter in frying pan and saute the onion and carrot. Add the bread and saute until brown and crispy all over. Remove the bread and onion from the pan and place in bowl/soup dish

Using the same pan saute bacon until brown and crispy

In the meantime, heat the beef stock. ( I used instant beef stock!)

Add the sauteed bacon to the soup dish. Pour in the beef stock. Sprinkle dried parsley.

Tip: The soup taste especially good when made with strongly flavoured rustic wholemeal bread.


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