Oh well I would not call this a recipe recipe. Apologies for the deceiving title! This is a quick solution if all you have is some arrabiata pasta sauce sitting around and defrosted fish.  Arrabiata sauce fish recipeSo the story goes that we have some almost expiring ready made arrabiata sauce and some frozen pangasius.

fish recipeThe Husband came up with this genius creation, genius because it taste way better than how it looks!

Empty a glass jar of pre-made arrabiata sauce onto 3 fish fillet onto a baking tray ( preferably one that is big enough so that all the fish fillet lie flat in the tray) and a handful of parsley on the arrabiata drenched fish.

Baked for 40mins at 200 degrees celsius.

After 40 mins check if fish is cooked, if it is not, return to oven and continue baking till done.

(Tip: cover with aluminium foil to prevent the fish from burning)

The fish will taste steamed and the arrabbiata sauce makes it slightly spicy too. We ate it with broccoli and bulgur.


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