Homemade mixes are great housewarming gifts or even door gifts and in case of emergency when you are visiting someone but totally forgot about getting the person a present, Simply mix everything in a pretty bottle and it will look like you put in a lot of effort! This was inspired by the recipe on my Müsli box. Hence the name. Granola Muesli Cookie. Because I cannot make up my mind what to name this!

Muesli Granola cookie recipe

Another reason I made this cookie is because this month’s Recipe Redux is all about homemade mixes. Initially I wanted to do a premix for my Mother-in-law’s waffle recipe. But I figured the mueli mixture looks prettier in a bottle. As a gift, simply print the instruction on a pretty paper and tag it to the bottle! In addition to this pre mixed mixture, you only need eggs and butter and viola, you get this golden brown muesli/ granola cookies!

Homemade premix muesli cookie recipe

The mueli I used is Kölln Müsli Knusper Klassik. I am not too sure if they sell this outside Germany. But looking at their website, you could order it from amazon. Well then again I am sure you can make this with any of your favourite Muesli or Granola.  The recipe is for 50 cookies. But I halved it to make 25 cookies instead.

Muesli Granola cookie recipe There is however a tiny issue. For the 50 cookies you should use 3 eggs. So halving it I used 1.5 eggs :/  I will list the 50 cookies recipe instead. But make sure to look for a big enough bottle or container if you plan to pre-mix this recipe as a gift for 50 cookies!

Yields 50 cookies

230g Butter, melted

500g  Kölln Muesli Knusper Klassik (or your favourite muesli/ granola)

100g sugar

3 eggs

60g flour

1 tsp baking powder

1. In a large mixing bowl, add muesli and melted butter. Mix well and let it chill in the fridge.

2. In the mean time, beat sugar and eggs till fluffy, then add flour and baking powder.

3. Then add the Muesli-butter mixture to the wet mixture. Mix well.

4. Using 2 teaspoon, form spoonfuls of mixture into balls and place on trays, 3cm apart. Flatten. Preheat oven to 180 degree celsius and bake for 10mins.

Muesli Granola cookie recipe

**Note: The above was the recipe written. BUT since it is a premixed mixture and there is no way to separate the muesli from the other ingredients. I simple added all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. I did not even chill the muesli butter mixture! As a gift remember to tell the receiver to add EGGS and BUTTER.  

How does it taste? The Husband says its addictive. He finished about half of the cookies within 2 hours. 

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