recipe: Homemade Ricotta Ravioli with lemon and mint

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Look what we made with the second half of our homemade pasta dough! Ravioli. This is the first time we made Ravioli so pardon the imperfections. Well as long as the filling stays inside the pasta everything is OK right? I got a little carried away with documenting the process of ravioli this post is a little heavy on photos but the recipe is at the end! homemade Ravioli I just realised after uploading all the pictures that we will be referring to Jamie Oliver quite a bit. Who does not like him? Even my mum knows him! Making ravioli was not because of him per se, rather we saw one of his youtube video (Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube channel) where Gennaro makes Ravioli. He did such a good job in teach that the Husbands wants to make it too. homemade Ravioli Yes we happen to have a few Jamie Oliver branded products and no we are not sponsored, wish we were though ;) homemade Ravioli This herb cutter thing certainly makes cutting herbs a little fancier and a littler more fun. homemade Ravioli  homemade Ravioli

homemade Ravioli

homemade Ravioli

homemade Ravioli

The Husband remarked that it is one of the ugliest looking pasta he has seen! Haha well…its our first time!
homemade Ravioli


  • Pasta Dough for 2 people
  • 250 gr fresh Ricotta
  • 1 Lemon
  • Hand full of fresh Mint (1/4 cup)
  • 70 gr of fresh Parmesan
  • 100 gr of Butter
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Pinch of Pepper


  1. Making the Ravioli is actually very simple. It is just very time consuming to fill the ravioli with the Ricotta but once you get the hang of it you will speed up a lot.
  2. Chop almost all of the Mint into fine pieces. The Mint should be fine so that every Ravioli will have some mint inside.
  3. Mix the fresh Ricotta with the chopped Mint, the juice of half a Lemon and some Lemon Zest. Before you squeeze the Lemon in you should roll it a bit so that it will be easier to squeeze and more juice will come out. To mix all the ingredients just use a fork.
  4. Add the Pinch of Pepper and about half of the fresh Parmesan to the Ricotta mix and stir it again with the fork. You can now rest it aside and focus on making the dough for the Ravioli.
  5. Roll out the dough using a rolling pin or for easier and faster results a pasta machine. Don’t forget to use enough flour so that the dough won’t stick to the table or the pasta machine. I recommend using rice flour. The last roll out should be the thinnest setting of the pasta machine. You will most likely have to do the same process over and over again to get couple of lines of dough. You can see the desired result in the pictures above.
  6. Cut the dough into a rectangular shape. Now you simply place the Ricotta mix in the middle of the dough. You should use about a teaspoon full of Ricotta so that the ratio of filling to dough is right. Place the desired amount of Ricotta mix roughly 2 cm apart so that you can form the Ravioli.
  7. Before folding the dough into Ravioli brush the sides you are going to stick together with water. Don’t forget the small space between the two portions of Ricotta mix so that the dough will stick and the Ravioli will not open during the cooking process. Do this for the whole dough and the whole Ricotta mix.
  8. Bring the pasta water to a boil. Don’t forget to add salt to the water! Adding salt in the pasta water is as important as seasoning any other food you are cooking. And please wait until the water is boiling.
  9. While the pasta water is heating up take out a pan and start preparing the sauce. Use the 100 gr of Butter and melt it on medium heat in the pan. Once the Butter is melted add the rest of the fresh Mint and the juice of half a Lemon to it.
  10. While the sauce is being prepared add the Ravioli to the boiling water and cook until the Ravioli is floating on top. It should take about 3 Minutes.
  11. While the Ravioli are boiling add some Salt, Pepper and the rest of the Parmesan to the sauce. This will make the sauce a bit thicker and a lot tastier.
  12. Once the Ravioli are floating on top take them out of the water and directly add the to the sauce in the frying pan. You can increase the temperature to very high for one minute and stir everything once. Be careful while you stir to keep the Ravioli from bursting.
  13. Take the Ravioli out and arrange it on a nice looking plate.

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