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After feasting in the USA (biscuits, burgers, donuts, giant sandwiches and the list goes on) we are going on a healthier diet. Here is a simple summer pasta salad we had for dinner tonight. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. This is an easy salad to throw together.

Roasted Broccoli with Walnut Pasta Salad

Its also a pretty budget friendly meal. Prepare in advance for parties or have it for lunch the following day. It sure will help cool you down in the summer heat! (Not like there is summer here right now)

Roasted Broccoli with Walnut Pasta Salad

Serves 2-3 people

450g Broccoli, rinsed and trimmed

3 tbs olive oil

1 tbs balsamic vinegar



3 cloves of garlic, minced

200g Paste ( I used penne)

1 spring onion

1/2 cup walnuts*

3 dried tomatoes, chopped

Handful parmesan cheese (Optional)

Preheat oven to 425 degree F (220 degree C).

Cut the broccoli florets into bite size pieces. Cut the stalk into 1/8-inch thick, round slices. Place the broccoli into a mixing bowl and toss with the olive oil, Balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper and set aside.

Prepare pasta according to instructions on package. (Cook pasta in a pot of salted boiling water for about 10-12 mins depending on the type of pasta)

Drain and rinse the paste in cold water to stop the cooking and to get a more chewy texture.

In the meantime place the broccoli in a baking pan, spread evenly across the pan. Roast for about 5- 8mins or till broccoli is tender. Remove from oven and let it cool slightly while preparing the salad.

To a large bowl, chopped onion, roughly chopped walnut, dried tomatoes, pasta and broccoli. Add a glug of olive oil, season with salt and pepper and mix well.

*You could also roast the walnuts! But I was too lazy to do that.

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