recipe: Pajeon – Korean Chive Pancake

Posted on Dec 10 2013 - 5:30pm by The Wife

We made this after watching the youtube video from Eat Your Kimchi making Pajeon one lazy Sunday afternoon. Literally after watching the video, we made it for lunch on that day itself. Well coincidentally we had a pot of Chive in our kitchen AND I have been dying to make this since the first time I had Korean Seafood Pancake! This Korean Savoury Chive Pancake is as close as it gets!

Korean chive pancake recipe
This of course is not seafood and actually the original recipe from Eat Your Kimchi used Korean Green Onion, which is a little difficult to get here in Germany. Well since Chives are also a good substitute.


The pancake is usually eaten with a vinegar base dipping sauce. We made this dipping sauce which on its own is so addictive. I can imagine using this for almost any fried food, in particular gyoza!

IMG_8965Dipping Sauce:
2 tbs soy sauce

1 tbs black vinegar

1tsp sugar or honey

chopped onion

chopped green or red chili peppers (We used chili flakes instead)

1 tsp sesame seeds.

Mix these ingredients in a small bowl.

Pajeon Korean Chive pancake recipe

This is how the pancake batter should look in the pan. Hopefully this will give a better idea of how the cooking process should look like!

IMG_8959 IMG_8967Pajeon Korean chive pancake recipe


½ cup flour

½ cup water

½ ts sugar in a bowl

1 tsp miso paste (optional)


3tbs oil

1 egg, beaten

a big bunch of chive  (cut into 5 inch long pieces)

Mix all the ingredients for the batter in a medium size mixing bowl till batter is smooth.

Gently place your green onions into your batter and coat them. Try to keep them in as straight a line as possible.

Heat oil in a big frying pan and gently place the green onions which are now coated in batter into the hot pan. Try to lay them out as flat and evenly as possible. Quickly take the remaining batter and fill in any gaps between the onions to join them into one unified pancake.  Shape the pancake with your spatula.

Observe the surface of the pancake. After 1-2 minutes bubbles will appear on the surface. Pour the beaten egg evenly all over the pancake. Using your spatula, keep the egg from spilling out onto the pan.

After 1-2 minutes when the egg become more solid and the bottom of the pancake turns crispy and golden brown, flip the pancake over.

Let it cook for another 2-3 minutes checking to see if it’s browning on the other side.

Serve warm with the dipping sauce!

Pajeon Korean chive pancake recipe



  • Oh my yum! Love the fabulous tutorial that shows how you cooked it. I’m so inspired! Asian pancakes are becoming all the rage here!

  • Aubrey

    I just made the dipping sauce … I have been looking for a dumpling sauce that tasts like the one that comes with the frozen Tai pei pork pot stickers … This is the closest I have found although the first time I had to sub the black vinegar until I found a place here to buy it … I used 1/2 balsamic and have seasoned white rice vinegar with mango … It is perfect both ways … A lot of these call for a ton of sesame oil and it overpowers everything … The seeds is a much better way to get the flavor without it being too strong

    • riceandbread1

      Thank you! We are so happy that you liked it.