What do you do when you have a lot of bread at home? Make Bread Pudding! Yes this is how we got rid of all our toast. But this is no sweet bread pudding. Its filled with chorizo (spicy spanish sausage), cheese, onion and tomato, making it the perfect weeknight dinner when you are too lazy to do anything else.
Savory Bread Pudding Recipe
Its real easy to make. Rule #1- there are no rules. You can add anything you want. We used onion, chorizo and tomatoes as the three main ingredients. You could use spicy sausage or any other meat type of your choice. Cheese is also important! Pile them on the bread pudding. This ain’t the healthiest meal but it sure taste good with all the cheesy goodness. And a budget friendly meal too!Savory Bread Pudding Recipe

The thing you have to take note is that the meat has to be cooked, if you using chorizo or bacon. Oh and of course its important to pre fry your onions too. The onion adds a sweetness to the dish. That is the only part where you need to cook. The rest is basically the oven’s job to get everything done. Savory Bread Pudding Recipe

Serves 4-5

6 slices toast bread, quartered

6 eggs

350 ml milk

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp oregano



1 tomato, diced

100g chorizo, diced

1 white onion, chopped

3 cloves of garlic, sliced

100g chedder, shredded

Preheat often to 180 degree celsius

In a small bowl whisk egg, milk, smoked paprika, oregano, salt and pepper

In a big bowl, add chopped bread, egg mixture, chopped tomatoes.

Heat a frying pan on medium high, fry garlic, onion and chorizo till onion is translucent and soft. Add the chorizo to the bowl with bread.

Pour the mixture in a baking tray in bake for about 10min.

Remove baking tray from oven and sprinkle cheese evenly on top. Return to oven and bake for another 10mins or until cheese is brown.


Savory Bread Pudding Recipe


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