This is our second time making our version of italian sandwich. With the temperatures soaring, this is the perfect summer sandwich. Eaten together with a glass of chilled white wine, I felt like nothing else in the world matters. Just my sandwich and I.
Bruschetta sandwichThe Husband made bruschetta and it tasted perfect! As much as I would like to share the exact recipe. It is almost impossible because nothing is really fixed. This recipe is just the base but you could definitely add more of some of the ingredients if you feel something is missing, especially the olive oil. According to the Husband “I will add the olive oil and see how the bruschetta combine (enough olive oil so that there is sauce) .”

Bruschetta recipe

3 tomatoes

3 garlic cloves

handful of basil

pinch of salt

pinch of coloured pepper

1.5 tbsp Balsamic

start with 1/4 cup (good) olive oil

In a bowl, chop everything, mix and serve!

( Chop tomatoes but avoid adding the juice from the tomatoes)

Bruschetta sandwichThe first time we used ciabatta, which we feel is the best bread for the sandwich. Unfortunately on that day the ciabatta was sold out so we used baguette instead.

What’s in the sandwich?





Thats it!



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