This recipe is the residual effect of reading the Book Everything But The Squeal if you are not aware of it, this book made me crave for chorizo which resulted in the Chorizo Pasta dish. The star ingredient that ties this dish to the book has got to be smoked paprika. The citrusy lemon balances the smokiness of the smoked paprika. The combination of these two ingredients adds a whole new dimension to this dish. You could prepare this way in advance which makes it perfect for a party!

Smoky citrus pork with couscous recipeThe discovery of smoked paprika in Akzenta (our supermarket) sure made that day one of our most exciting grocery shopping weekend! I did not realise that smoked paprika is the base ingredient of chorizo until I had a whiff of smoked paprika. Yes. I admit, we sure have a whole lot of learning and experimenting!

Smoky citrus pork with couscous recipe

Now lets talk about this dish. As mentioned it a great party/ pot luck dish to prepare because you can make in advance. It would be best to keep it warm in a slow cooker or in a pot on low heat. Either way there is no worrying about how this dish will turn out because the longer you cook it the more tender the meat will be.

You could have it with white rice, bulgur or couscous like we did. Its also one of those dishes that will taste great the following day if you manage to have any leftovers.

Smoky citrus pork with couscous recipe

This recipe is from Food with Friends by Sorted. If you do not already know them. You should definitely pop by their website or youtube! Their recipes often have a modern twist to it and are very easy to follow!

Serves 4

3 tbs flour

1 tbs smoked paprika

1 kg pork goulash

a few gluts of olive oil

2-3 springs of rosemary, chopped

2 bay leaves

a few cloves of garlic, crushed

1/2 bottle of white wine

1 lemon

Couscous (200g)

Boiling Water

Small bunch of fresh parsley, chopped

2 zucchini

Add flour, paprika, plenty of salt and pepper in a large ziplock bag.

Cube the pork (if they are not pork goulash),  keeping the chunks fairly large and add to the bag, shake to coat.

Fry the dusted pork in a very hot pan with oil till brown on all sides

Add chopped rosemary, bay and garlic and fry for a minute

Splash in the wine, scrape all the flavours from the base of the pan and bring to a simmer

Grate in the lemon zest, cover with a lid and simmer for an hour

Uncover the pan and continue to cook for 30mins more, so that the sauce thickens

Prepare the couscous in a bowl and pour boiling water (ratio 1:2)

Slice the zucchini into round about 1 cm thick and fry in a pan with a shot of oil and a pinch of salt and pepper for 3-4 mins, until they soften and brown.

Fork through couscous, then stir in lemon juice and freshly chopped parsley and season with salt and pepper

Serve with couscous!


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