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Spicy Red Thai Curry Recipe sometimes we have this strong craving for asian food but cooking it here in Germany can be quite troublesome because the usual ingredients have to substituted or they are really expensive. Well ok so there is one thing we can cook that is simple and still tastes authentic and that is Thai Curry. So we decided to use some of our red curry paste to make this Spicy Thai Curry.

Well we actually made Beef Red Thai curry before but using a crockpot and a more runny curry base. This recipe is richer and more condensed and definitely takes less time to prepare since its chicken! Spicy Red Thai Curry RecipeBy the way I am really not sure if anyone in Thailand would cook it the way I do but it is still tasty and satisfy our cravings.
Ok guys here is what you are going to need:

400g chopped chicken

100g red curry paste

1 cup (70g) Aubergine, chopped

1/4 cup water

400g Coconut milk

2 kaffir lime leafs

1/2 tbs fish sauce

1 tsp brown sugar

Doesn’t sound like a lot of ingredients right? And if you have the basic ingredients like fish sauce, curry paste and kaffir lime leafs at home it is a pretty cheap meal as well. The ingredients above should be enough for 3-4 portions of Red Thai Curry.

So I assume you want to find out about my way of cooking it? Well it is really simple and quick.

1. Start cooking the rice before you start the Red Thai Curry. The rice will take longer than the curry and if you don’t want to keep the Red Thai Curry warm the rice should be done first.

2. Heat a wok to very high heat and add some cooking oil to it. The wok should be really hot so don’t be afraid but please don’t burn the oil.

3. Stir fry the chicken for a few minutes until it is all white or lightly brown in color.

4. Add the red curry paste and stir fry for about 1-2 minutes until the meat is fully covered in the paste.

5. Add chopped aubergine and stir until it is covered as well.

6. Add the quarter cup of water into the wok. Keep in mind that the wok should still be sizzling how while you stirfry all the ingredients inside. The water should lead to a thick sauce that starts boiling instantly.

7. Add the coconut milk inside and reduce the heat to medium. Please don’t forget to stir everything or you might end up with a burned Spicy Red Thai Curry…

8. The last ingredients that go in are the kaffir lime leafs, the fish sauce and the brown sugar. I highly recommend to add some fresh thai basil inside as well. Unfortunately we didn’t have any at home. But just trust me: It will add another dimension to the Curry and isn’t that what Thai Food is all about?

9. Keep wok on medium heat for another five minutes and stir once again before serving it. Don’t forget your rice because 100 gram of Red Curry Paste can be fucking ultra hot.

We hope you enjoy the way we cook Spicy Red Thai Curry and maybe one of you gives us an idea of the traditional way of cooking it in Thailand.


The Husband

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