This burger is a protein bomb.
IMG_5496This is the profile of the burger. Though I am really not a big fan of eating raw beef. This burger made by the Husband is really good.

For  4 burgers

600g minced beef

4 eggs


1 tomato

1 red onion

cheese ( we used gouda)

salt and pepper

burger bread

1) Season meat with salt and pepper. Form 4 burger patties about 2cm thick.

2) Heat grill pan. Grill burger for 4 mins on both side. ( warning: it will be smoookyyy)

3) In the mean time place bacon in oven at 200 degree till bacon is shrinks till half its size. That should be an indicator that the bacon will be crispy.

4)Prepare sunny side eggs, toast burger bread ( if you like it toasted), chop onion and tomato.

5) Assemble: burger bread, cheese, egg, bacon, tomato and onion ( or vege of your choice.)

Enjoy :)

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