I am not too sure if there is a name for this dish. Its a hybrid of a few recipes (mainly pad thai) and past experience of frying flat rice noodle. We were craving for something light ( preferably meatless) and since we happen to have some of these flat rice noodle, this was what we came up with! A rice noodle dish with tofu and Kai lan or broccoli.
Kai Lan (broccoli) and Tofu flat rice noodle stir fryA colleague of mine once asked if rice noodles is a healthier choice of carbohydrate. I did a little reading up and found out that a 56g serving of rice noodles contains only 0.3 grams of fat. It is naturally a low-fat carbohydrate. Rice noodles can provide a filling base for a meal without the worry of lots of fat. However the cooking method can increase the fat content.

We are not certified dieticians so we can’t tell you the nutritional benefits of this dish. So let just make believe and assume that this dish happens to fall on the healthy side of the food chart ;)

Kai Lan (broccoli) and Tofu flat rice noodle stir fry

A tip we learnt from Gordon Ramsay is that the meat (in this case tofu), vegetables and noodles should but 1/3 portion each of the whole dish.  

Serves 2-3

200g flat rice noodle


3 eggs

dash of sesame

salt and pepper

200g firm tofu, chopped

220g kai lan (chinese broccoli), chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

4 tbs soy sauce

3tbs fish sauce

1 tbs brown sugar

1tbs sriracha

peanuts (optional)

lime (optional)

Prepare the flat rice noodle according to package. ( Usually soaking in hot water for at least 10 mins in a big bowl)

Add sesame oil, eggs, salt and pepper to a bowl and beat well with fork.

Add oil and Heat wok or frying pan on low medium heat. When wok is heated add eggs, move the pan around to spread them out evenly. (Like how you would prepare an omelette) When it starts to turn golden brown underneath, remove the pan from the heat and slide the omelette on to a plate.  Chop omelette into thin slices

In the meantime, mix soy sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar and sriracha in a bowl.

Heat wok on high heat, add oil and pan fry chopped tofu till golden brown. Add garlic, stir fry for a minute.

Add the stem of kai lan or broccoli stalk stir fry for 1-2 minutes followed by the leaves or florets. Then Add half of the sauce mixture.

When the vegetables are fried to your desired crunchiness/ softness, return eggs to wok, drain flat noodles and add them to the wok followed by the rest of the sauce. Stir fry for 1-2mins till all ingredients are well mixed.

Serve with Peanuts and a squeeze of lime juice!



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