This is the last part of our now long-overdued Japan trip and it has got to be the post with the most number of food!!

Fushimi Inari Taisha. 

IMG_9508There were many food stalls outside the shrine. One of the most appealing one is the soup dumpling (I think its also called xiao long bao in japanese!). Hot soup on a cold day is the perfect combination. 
IMG_9530IMG_9532 Japanese_xiao_long_bao_1


Issen Yoshoku located in Gion, Kyoto has really fancy okonomiyaki. IMG_9466

Taiyaki – another food that is seen everywhere! It is just a fish-shaped cake filled with different filling. I had mine with green tea and the Mother ordered red bean while the Husband had custard. We were certainly very satisfied with our dessert! :D
Now this has got to be the food highlight of our trip!

We kinda stumbled onto Isoya because our hotel was around the corner and well the Father was craving for some supper. We went in without any expectations but the food simply blew my mind away.

Technically we did not know what we ordered because everything is in Japanese but thankfully the waitress was able to speak english and in the end we told her to pick some stuff for us. I found out that all the ingredients are locally produced and they do look very fresh and enticing against the black decor and open concept kitchen.

isoya_kyotoMost of the dishes we had were grilled and the cuisine type is more Japanese fusion.  photo 2(Taken with the iPhone)

One of my favourite has got to be this onion. Yes it is just a white onion grilled whole. We all know how onion taste but we usually have it as part of a dish and we never really appreciate the taste of it on its own. When I had my first bite of onion ( the white thing is salt) I swear it was the sweetest onion I have ever had in my life. We had other stuff too like yam, grilled fish, salad (picture above) and pork belly.
photo 1(Taken with the iPhone)







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