What do you do in Savannah, Georgia. The Husband and I were there for about 1.5 days. We drove from Miami for 7hrs up to Savannah and it was a relieve to step into this green city after being stuck in the car for so long. So this was what we did in 24hr..well almost! Read on to find out what we ate and where we slept in Savannah!


The first thing to do is to find accommodation. We had plan to stay overnight in another city before heading over to Savannah from Miami, considering the long drive. So we did not make any prior reservation before arriving. Why not try bed and breakfast? Google bed and breakfast and you will be directed to Azalea Inn and Gardens. I did a little research and found that this B&B has pretty good reviews and ratings. Why not? We simply drove straight to Azealea Inn, Knocked on the door and crossed our finger that there is a free room for us.

Azalea Inn Savannah


Cheerful Teresa, the owner of the Inn, greeted us at the door and we were relieved to find out that there were still rooms available.  After looking at the 2 rooms that were still available, we settled for the Gentlemen’s Parlor. The highlight of the room has to be the bed and the honey and milk shower scrub. The bed sheet is the softest sheets we have ever slept on. Sooo extremely soft! If only we have those sheets back home as well.

Azalea Inn Savannah

This is the dining room where we have amazing homemade breakfast, wine and cheese (at 5 pm) and dessert at night! The rooms are definitely more expensive than the big hotels BUT you get a more personalised service and extremely delicious home made breakfast.

Azalea Inn Savannah

Azalea Inn Savannah

Azalea Inn Savannah

Azalea Inn Savannah
On our first night Teresa recommended Vinnie Van Go Go’s pizza. Its a no frills pizza place that serves good, huge and affordable pizza. The Husband and I ordered a medium white pizza with italian sausage. Lets just say we should have observed our neighbour’s pizza before ordering. Most people order one slice of pizza for themselves and its usually the families that order a whole pizza.


All whole pizzas are served on a metal tray because they are too big for the table. The plates…who needs them? The pizza may look pale and weak. Do not be deceived! The pizza is just the right thickness, neither too thin or too thick and every bite of the pizza is packed with cheesy and slightly spicy sausage. There are dried herbs on that table that you could add by yourself. Pretty darn addictive. Together with a jug of cold beer. The Husband and I finished the whole pizza. I was tempted to simply lie on the floor for about 15mins if it was socially acceptable.



Savannah is a walking city. The best way to explore the city is to walk! Teresa lend us her book but you should be able to buy the savannah Tour guidebook at any supermarket and read your way through Savannah. It cost less than 10USD. If I remember correctly. If you are there during summer make sure to start your day early because from 1pm to 4pm it gets too hot to walk.


There are 3 different routes you can take and each route takes about 1-2hrs walking and reading. The tour will take you to the setting of the movie/book Midnight in Garden of Good & Evil and Forrest Gump  and explain the history of the different buildings and statues. If for some reason you dislike walking, there are also many trolleys and horse carriages that will take you to all the famous sightseeing spot.











Besides the walking tour, a must do is to have lunch at Mrs Wilkes Dinning Room at 107 West Jones Street. Mrs Wilkies is open Monday to Friday from 11am – 2pm. It serves a 22 course buffet style home cooked southern food. We stood in line for about 1.5hrs and I must say it was definitely worth the wait in the hot sun. Everyone sits at the same table and eats the same dishes. Its really a great way to interact with other people, at least for us foreigners. Its a feast more than lunch and I remember my neighbour, a 60 year old grandma commenting that it looks like thanksgiving. It was our first southern meal and was definitely the best out of all the southern food we have tried while we were there. A tip is to either go real early before the restaurant opens or at 1.30/1.45pm. They will serve you as long as you stand in line before 2pm!


Mrs Wilkies (Picture taken with my iPhone)

Mrs Wilkies (Picture taken with my iPhone)





For the ice cream lovers, you should definitely try out Leopold’s ice cream at 212 E. Broughton Street. It is the oldest ice cream shop in Savannah and some of the historic flavours like tutti fruiti and Johnny Mercer’s favourite are made exactly the way as they were in 1919.


Alright the next place we had dinner is not a place that you can only find in Savannah. It can be found I think in almost every city but it is very new to us since Five Guys is not available in Germany. So yes we had fast food. But it is pretty gourmet for a fast food. The cheeseburger is better than some of the burgers we’ve had in German restaurants and I like that the hot dogs are halved and grilled. If you have not been to Five guys and are planning to visit the USA or England, we think its worth giving it a try!


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