Pigeon Forge has got to be one of the highlights of our road trip. Driving up from Savannah. Pigeon Forge looks totally different. Well yea it was a 7 hr drive and we basically drove through 2 states to get there but it sure was nothing I had in mind at least. We had our fill of southern food here. Read on to find out where we ate and what we think!

Pigeon_Forge-6We went to pigeon forge to have a bit of nature from the Great Smoky Mountains (Next post will be pictures of the Great Smoky!) for our road trip. The plan was to stay for 2 nights, including the 4th of July, but we loved the GSM and Pigeon Forge so much that we stayed for another night. That was not what I thought when we first arrived though. The night before we were in Savannah in a beautiful and cosy inn and the next day we arrived in Pigeon Forge. Our hotel? Best Western. It is more a motel than hotel (to me at least). The rooms were huge and the bath tubs turn into whirl pools. (We did not use that function) Which explains perhaps why there were so many people getting married and having their honeymoon there. It took me a couple of hours to get use to pigeon forge and the hotel.




What I like about pigeon forge is how small it is. Everything is within walking distance, though we did get a few stares when we walked from the hotel to the supermarket or for dinner. The city is like a huge amusement park. Everything looks artificial. There are a billion fairs scattered along the main road and they look open for 24hrs (it could just be my imagination). It is almost like an amusement park in the middle of lush nature, being surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountain. Locals have a stronger southern accent too, which makes it a little difficult to understand for us sometimes. I felt like wearing cowboy boots.



For the first night we wanted to try southern food again. After being blown away by the food from Mrs Wilkies in Savannah, we wanted to know if southern food tastes good everywhere. I did a little research and found Mama’s Farmhouse. It serves buffet southern food. The food was great but not as good as Mrs Wilkies I have to admit. The batter for the fried chicken was thicker and less crispy than Mrs Wilkies. It is not bad but we had better the day before. The Husband thought that it was strange that I ordered salad for a buffet. At this point in time I no longer care about stuffing myself with as much food as possible. I need my vegetables and fiber. Apart from salad, coleslaw has got to be the closest vegetable you can get that is not cooked to death. It was a good satisfying meal though.



The next day after hiking the whole day we treated ourselves to something hearty again. Corky’s is a chain restaurant if I am not wrong. As you can see on the extremely over exposed poster that this chain is from Memphis (The 4th Fattest City in America). We ordered the “A Memphis Tradition” appetiser platter with hickory smoked sausage, cheese and pepperoni and a “Big Daddy Combo”- Beef Brisket, Ribs, Pork Shoulder to share. One appetiser and one main course for the two of us and we were totally stuffed! The Husband feels that the smoked sausage is a ted bit too oily but I quite like the taste though. The beef brisket and shoulder was really soft and tender. So soft that you only need a spoon to portion the meat. The ribs in comparison to the other two meat was not as good. Slightly tougher. Baked beans and coleslaw was amazing! I could eat them everyday. The baked beans i’ve had till then were canned baked beans that were swimming in sweet ketchup. Totally disgusting. The baked beans there were live changing. Excellent barbecue sauce and tomato flavours that is not overtly sweet. And the coleslaw also had just the right amount of sauce. Crunchy but still well coated. So the question now is if we had the choice would we visit corky’s again? Yes we would but we will most likely order something else!




Just look at the shiny green sign. Kispy Kreme. Drive thru. Tea break. Yes I brought about 1 kg of tummy friends back to Germany after the trip but it was all worth it. No need to explain much about this. Can’t quite remember what we order. The classic for sure and something with maple (still having maple syrup obsession) and the coffee was not bad too!¬†Only thing is, I wish we have it here in Germany too!




I think there is no better place to celebrate the 4th of July than in Pigeon Forge. There was a festival with music and FOOD! It does look like we did nothing but eat huh. Yes and no. We hike the whole day in the Great Smoky Mountain and return to Pigeon Forge to pack on the pounds.





The food sold is for charity. We first had pulled pork made by the fire department which tasted great! I Like that they used sweet buns, almost like brioche. Sweet soft and savoury. Again baked beans and coleslaw tasted amazing too. We then had marinated bologna sausage. Not exactly sure what kind of marinate that was. It was sweet for sure. I did not enjoy it as much as the Husband and we probably would not have that again.



Met a celebrity cat.


Had to have funnel cake. It was everywhere and I could not resist trying it. Fried dough with powder sugar.




Moonshine. We brought a bottle back. Not the easiest drink to drink. I would say it is the unrefined brother of whisky.


Can you see the people sitting along the road? Preparing to watch the most amazing fireworks of the year. We were blown away by the fireworks display. It was really nice to watch fireworks in an open space and not be squashed with a ton of other people. The fireworks was one of the best I have ever seen. We met two boys guys from South Caroline who were pretty amused to have met a German and a Singaporean ( though they probably have no idea where that is).





Pigeon Forge is about 10-15mins away from Gatlinburg. Similar to Pigeon Forge but even smaller and even more artificial. If you plan to visit the GSM, you could also stay in Gatlinburg.


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