We live in Wuppertal which is 20mins away by train/car from Düsseldorf. The nearest we can get to civilisation. It is where we head to when we want to treat ourselves because they have an English Cinema and the Japanese quarter. Whenever we have ramen craving we will head over to either Na Ni Wa or Takumi Ramen(Noodle) in Düsseldorf


Our first Ramen in Germany was at Na Ni Wa. It was nothing we expected. The Husband who did not like Ramen said he likes Ramen after the Na Ni Wa experience.

The noodle is really fresh and I always ordered Stamina Ramen, which is their spicy ramen, while the Husband always ordered Tan Tan Ramen.

Together we will share the best Gyoza I have ever had. Yes even the ones I had in Singapore cannot compare to the Gyoza at Na Ni Wa in Germany!

IMG_3238The price is reasonable and the portion is huge. For me the half portion was enough to make me ultra full.

There were downsides to this restaurant though. There is always a queue especially during dinner time. Apparently there is a queue for dinner every single day since the time they opened. That is how good the Ramen is. No matter rain or snow we always had to queue outside for at least 30mins. They do take your order while standing in line but during winter and in freezing weather the wait is just annoying.

So after going there a couple of times we found Takumi Ramen which is just 8mins walk away from Na Ni Wa. IMG_3163

There is no queue but its almost always full too. The crowd unlike at Na Ni Wa usually has more Japanese.

Their noodle and soup is also very tasty. Unlike at Na Ni Wa the soup is less salty. It taste more natural. I have to admit we always feel super thirsty after eating at Na Ni Wa. At Takumi we always feel comfortable, if that makes sense.

In terms of the price and portion. Its slightly more expensive and the portion is slightly smaller than Na Ni Wa.

We get to enjoy our meal at Takumi because we don’t get stared at by the people queuing outside.


The wife likes the Stamina Ramen at Na Ni Wa more because its spicy and salty

The Husband like the Soup at Takumi Ramen better because it is not so salty and you can top up the portion of noodle. Most of all they have the Tonkotsu Ramen.

Both agree that going to Takumi is nice and more comfortable because there is no queue and no hurry.

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