My first entry will start with a comparison of one of the most important supplements in any kitchen: BBQ sauce… It is quite difficult to find BBQ sauces in Germany because I think we are more of a ketchup and mayonaise nation and BBQ sauce is relatively new. Hence it is not widely available in every supermarket yet.

The two different sauces that are available in most places are “Kraft Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce” and “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce”

the sauce

I am not a big fan of rating the products with a point system so I rather tell you some facts about our experience with the products and then you can just go ahead and try it on your own.

Kraft Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce

This is actually the first BBQ sauce I ever bought on my own. I tried the BBQ sauce from McDonald’s before that comes with the nuggets or is served with the “McRib” but buying sauce on your own and using it to cook is another story. The BBQ sauce was a very good start and was able to take care of all my cravings. Well there are two downsides:

1) The sauce tastes really artificial. In small portions it doesn’t really matter but the more you eat the unhealthier you feel.

2) The sauce is very sweet and it feels as if you just eat sugar after a while.

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

After doing some research and watching several videos on youtube I found out about “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce” and I was very surprised to find it in the local supermarket. I was searching for a new BBQ sauce because of the downsides I encountered with “Kraft Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce”. When I saw the sauce I had to try it. Even if it is slightly more expensive and probably way more expensive than in the US I could not resist.
The flavor is less sweet and it does not feel as artificial for sure. Well there is still a small downside to this sauce:

1) It is too smokey! After a while you can get sick of the taste and you just don’t feel like using it as much any more.


Well there are a few things we can learn from my experience:

1) It is difficult to find BBQ sauces in Germany

2) Any BBQ sauce is better than no BBQ sauce

3) I would recommend “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce” any time for any occasion

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