In Singapore or in the UK there is this chocolate coated digestives biscuits from McVitie which till now I am unable to find in Germany. I can settle for an alternative and found these two that could be possible candidate as my substitute. Here is the what I think about them.

The grains from Milka is finer compared to those from Hobbits and the chocolate coating from Milka is also better, well since they sell more chocolate. However the Milka choco grains is much sweeter than Brandt’s Hobbits. Lets not get into the health content of this since who cares about being healthy if you are eating cookies coated in chocolate.
IMG_5378What I like about the Hobbits is the NAME! Yea and for all those concern about sustainable consumption the chocolate from the Hobbits is UTZ certified. Since Brandt is a German brand I am not too sure if it is accessible worldwide.

At the end of this taste test I still have not found an alternative for the McVitie digestive cookies because while they taste alright, these don’t make me feel like finishing the cookies immediately after opening. Of the two I would prefer the Hobbits but the Husband likes the Milka cookies more. Still searching for the one.

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