what we think: Japan HOKKAIDO Famous Ramen noodle set (3 types)

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This post is definitely long overdue but better late than never? Remember we were in Japan last year? Yea that is how long ago I should have written about this. We bought this Hokkaido Famous Ramen noodle set at the airport before heading back to Singapore. This is what we think about it! Ramen ReviewWhat is so special about these? They are basically fresh noodle with awesome concentrate broth. Which make them really fresh, with a relatively shorter shelf live compared to instant ramen. It has a shelf live of 90 days from date of production. (Not to worry we had them way before it expired of course!) Ramen ReviewThere were many different types of fresh ramen noodle set and the one I bought consist of Hokkaido Sapporo Ramen Kuwana (Miso Taste), Asahikawa Ramen AOBA (Soy Sauce Taste) and Hokodate Ramen ICHIMONJI ( Salt Taste soup). As you may see from the photo above that every broth base should be eaten with a different thickness of ramen noodle. Thankfully I am able to read and match some of the characters on the package.

Ramen Review

In this post there are only two of the ramen noodle were presented the Asahikawa Ramen AOBA (Soy Sauce Taste) above and the Hokodate Ramen ICHIMONJI ( Salt Taste soup) below because we had these two on the same day and I gobbled some days later.

Well its as simple as making instant noodle. Usually for instant noodle you would pour boiling water in the bowl together with the instant noodle. But for this you would need to boil the noodle first, like preparing pasta, except you do not need to add salt to the boiling water and it takes only 2 -3mins for the noodles to be cooked ( about the same time it takes to prepare fresh pasta). In the mean time boil about 200ml of boiling water to dilute the concentrated broth.

It does not take more than 5mins to get have the ramen ready. We added some spring onions, spinach and soft boiled eggs just to pimp the ramen up.
Ramen Review

So how are these noodles exactly? They definitely got the thumbs up from us! Yes its instant noodle. But this sure is fresh gourmet instant noodle! Whilst I am not a big fan of instant noodle, apart from the occasional craving, I would definitely buy this again if given the chance! It is AMAZING! Adding some greens and the egg makes it taste almost like the stuff you get in ramen shops!


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