When we are in Wuppertal and have a craving for Asian food.


We head over to NOI. The restaurant sells both Japanese and Vietnamese food. There was a time when we went there almost every week after erm Salsa class, which was more frequent before the wedding. Its been more than half a year since we discovered NOI and we have tried almost everything. The Husband usually orders Rice dish. Such as the Teriyaki rice Don below.


I usually order Bun Bo, which is Vietnamese Springroll with Rice noodle but in the colder months I usually order noodle Soup. Below is their Crispy duck noodle. IMG_1310This is not comparable to the Ramen restaurants in Düsseldorf but by Wuppertal standard its really good. They have sushi as well and some other fusion dishes too but we usually order a main dish and either sushi or spring roll to share. Plus the people in the restaurant always look so friendly and nice!


Kipdorf 33

42103 Wuppertal


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